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Shining Force 2

Posted in Sega Mega Drive/Mega CD on October 12, 2012 by drewturpin

This is the sequel to Shining Force (obviously) and is definitely the rarer of the two games that were released for the Sega Mega Drive.  It is defined as a “Strategy Role Playing Game with overhead tactical battles” and was more free roaming that the first game in the series.

I bought this new from GAME and from memory paid about £5 for it, as this was at a time when the Mega Drive was on its way out, with newer more powerful consoles on the scene. Expect to pay between £20 and £30 for a complete copy in good condition.


Shining Force CD

Posted in Sega Mega Drive/Mega CD on August 17, 2012 by drewturpin

One of the few sought are Sega Mega CD games, which is mainly due to it being part of the Shining Force franchise. This is a great little package as it contains four separate scenarios or books as they are called.

This was bought from new back in the late 90’s and is still in mint condition, from memory I paid about £10 for it however expect to pay over £60 for one in a decent condition.

The Software Toolworks’ Star Wars Chess

Posted in Sega Mega Drive/Mega CD on August 17, 2012 by drewturpin

The rare and collectable Star Wars Chess for the Mega CD, at heart it is just your average chess game but the Star wars connection does make it more interesting. Included are animated battles when pieces are “taken”, and a lot of fun can be had by trying the different combination of battles.

I picked this game up brand new in the mid 90’s for £5, but expect to pay between £20 to £30 on ebay for one in as good as condition as this one.