Vib Ribbon – Promo Disc

Here we have the promo disc of the underrated game Vib Ribbon, originally released in 2000 on the Playstation 1. This rhythm video game was a unique experience on the Playstation 1 as the actual software loads directly into the consoles Random Access Memory (RAM). This then allows for the player to use any music with the game, creating their own levels to play through. Due to the game simple black and white vector graphics, it was largely overlooked in the UK, however two sequels did appear on the Playstation 2, but only in Japan.

Vib-Ribbon Promo

Although the promo disc doesn’t appear that often on ebay, it can be picked up for around £10. Unusually the more common original game disc tends to be more expensive to buy on ebay, costing in the region of £25.


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