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Barbie: Race & Ride – Review Disc

Posted in Playstation 1 on July 5, 2014 by drewturpin

Here we have a rare review disc for the Playstation’s Barbie: Race and Ride.  Unlike promos discs these were sent out to magazines for previews/reviews at various times during the game’s development.

Barbie Review (1)

The disc is a very distinctive white, which contrasts from the black of the promo, demo and rental discs. This disc is dated 05/10/1999 and is labelled as “Final 1.0” which I would assume would be a pretty much the final version of the game, as it was officially released on the 1st December 1999.

Barbie Review (2)

I picked this up at a bootsale for 50 pence, and although this would not be the sort of game I would normally collect, I am still happy to own a rare review disc in my Playstation collection. Review discs very rarely turn up on ebay, and when they do they tend to be on the more expensive side. I have never seen another review disc of this game so I have no idea of its value.