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Sinclair User – Issue 1

Posted in Books & Magazines, ZX Spectrum on January 29, 2013 by drewturpin

This is the very first edition of Sinclair User magazine which was first published in April 1982 by ECC Publications Ltd, who also published Sinclair Projects and Sinclair Programs. The magazine was the longest running Sinclair dedicated publication, with the final issue being published in April 1993 (No 134).  From issue 123 it merged with Crash magazine although essentially this ‘merger’ was more of a takeover as the only result was a small Crash logo on the front cover.

Sinclair User

I picked up this copy, along with issue 2 and 3, in a bulk auction of 10 magazines off ebay.  I was lucky that the all the magazines in this auction were complete and in good condition considering how old they were. Including postage it was just over £10, which is a great price. This magazine appears rarely on ebay so prices are difficult to gauge, but expect to pay at least £10 for a complete copy in good condition. Also because of the age of the magazine the condition can vary, so I would always email the seller to get a better understating of the overall state of the magazine (e.g. missing pages, rips, tears, writing etc).


The Godfather – Collector’s Edition, Coffin Box, Original Release and Promo Disc

Posted in Playstation 2 on January 22, 2013 by drewturpin

Here we have the complete “The Godfather” PS2 collection including the Collector’s Edition, coffin box release and promo disc. The game itself is a pretty good sandbox type game, along the line of the Grand Theft Auto, and remains faithful to the movie. It was also one of Marlon Brando last performances before his demise through ill health. However the audio he recorded was not considered good enough for the game, so another voice actor was brought in to read his lines.

The Godfather (1)

The “Limited Edition” is in a nice steelbook with plastic slipcase and includes are a glossy map of the game and a bonus DVD. The DVD does have some decent material on it including a “Making of…” piece and a video strategy guide.

The Godfather (2)

The coffin style tin box has a satin interior and was a pre-order bonus exclusive to GAME stores. As you can see in the picture it can accommodate the original game box inside.

The Godfather (3)

To complete my “The Godfather” Playstation 2 collection I have the promo disc and a flyer for the game announcing the release date.

The Godfather (4)

The original game release can be picked up easily for a few pound, but expect to pay between £5 and £10 for the steelbook version (make sure it is complete). The coffin box is a little more difficult to find, especially if you want it in good condition, as it attracts dents and scratches very easily, but can be picked up for around £10. Finally the promo disc should be about £5 and shouldn’t be to hard to track down.

Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 – Limited Edition Pre-Order Kit

Posted in PC, Playstation 2 on January 4, 2013 by drewturpin

This is the limited edition tin for Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 and was a pre-order bonus for anyone who bought the game through The package itself does not contain the game however does have the following goodies:

  • Embossed tin case
  • Exclusive DVD containing:
    – Making of documentary featuring behind the scenes interviews with the development team
    – Tracks from the Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30 orchestral score
    – Excerpts from the Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30 screenplay
    – Video demonstration of the game in action with commentary from Director Rangy Pitchford and Historian Colonel John Antal
  • Pvt. Johnny Rivas diary:  8-page book produced by Penny Arcade
  • Exclusive postcardsFeaturing historical images and documents with commentary by writer and historian Colonel John Antal (US Army Retired)

Brothers in Arms LE (1)

I managed to pick this up on a market stall for £2, it was in with all the DVDs so was very happy when I spotted it. All in all this is a decent little package and should be easy enough to pick up on ebay for under £10, just make sure it contains everything listed above.

Brothers in Arms LE (2)