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Resident Evil 2

Posted in GameCube on December 21, 2012 by drewturpin

The GameCube version of Resident Evil 2 is a highly collectable although this is mainly because it is almost a direct port of the original Playstation game. It was released in 2009, over ten years after the Playstation release and does not appear to offer any real enhancements. Therefore it did not review particularly highly and sales weren’t that big, resulting in its collectability in today’s market. It wasn’t a complete port of the Playstation game though, as character graphics were slightly improved, and you had the ability to replay the cut-scenes after your first complete play through.

Resident Evil 2 (1)

It also contains the same extras that were of the original “Duel Shock” version, which was previously only available in the American and Japanese Playstation versions. So those of us that had been use to playing the PAL version had a little bit more to interest us. Prices on ebay tend to be between £20 and £30 depending on condition, but still worth purchasing if you are an avid Resident Evil collector.

Resident Evil 2 (2)


Sam & Max: Season One – Media Preview

Posted in PC on December 19, 2012 by drewturpin

Here we have all six episodes of “Sam & Max: Season one” (later renamed “Sam & Max Save the World”) on one PC-CD labelled up media preview.  It was originally released in 2006 as one of the first downloadable episodic games, and although this is not strictly retro the franchise certainly is.

Sam & Max Season 1 MC (1)

The titles of the episodes are “Culture Shock”, “Situation: Comedy”, “The Mole, the Mob, and the Meatball”, “Abe Lincoln Must Die!”, “Reality 2.0” and “Bright Side of the Moon”. This is the classic Sam & Max “point and click” adventure brought up to date with some tender loving care from Telltale Games, and I would thoroughly recommend a play through.

Sam & Max Season 1 MC (2)

This media preview disc was picked up at a bootsale for £1, and to date I have not seen another copy like this anywhere. Therefore putting a value on this item is difficult, however it does make for a fairly unique item in my PC collection.

Parasite Eve 2 – Promo Discs

Posted in Playstation 1 on December 14, 2012 by drewturpin

This is the two disc promo of the Playstation’s Parasite Eve 2, developed and published in 2000 by Square (more famous for their Final Fantasy series of games). The game is, unsurprisingly, the sequel to Parasite Eve, but unfortunately the original game was never released in PAL format. This game is more a survival horror than a proper role playing game, and is definitely worth playing if you are a fan of both genres.

Parasite Eve 2 Promo

This disc was picked up with a few others from an ebay seller, and I managed to get this one and four others for £10, which I was very pleased with. I’ve not seen another one of these since so it is difficult to put a price on this, however if you are lucky to track one down then expect to part with at least £10.

Jet Set Willy – Sealed

Posted in ZX Spectrum on December 7, 2012 by drewturpin

Here we have a copy of the ground-breaking platformer Jet Set Willy for the ZX Spectrum in 1984. This was the sequel to Manic Miner with both being written by the legendary Matthew Smith. I own several copies of this game, however this particular one is sealed with the official “Software Projects” tear strip and in a mint condition.

Jet Set Willy

It was bought from ebay many years ago when a seller managed to acquire some old Software Projects stock, and from memory I picked it up for less than £5. Sealed versions of this game are not seen that often on ebay nowadays, but worth hunting down as it nice little piece of gaming history.

System Shock – Enhanced CD Version

Posted in PC on December 5, 2012 by drewturpin

System Shock is now considered a classic but was criminally overlooked back when it was released in 1994. The combination of being a great game coupled with relatively low sales make this a highly sought after rarity. In addition the fact that this is the original enhanced CD version of the game makes it even rarer, as it was released a few months after the floppy disc version.  The CD version contained speech and allowed for high resolution graphics, resulting in a much better gaming experience. However this version sold very few copies due to either people not having sufficient hardware to run the game (no CD-ROM drive or inadequate graphics card) or had already bought the floppy disc version of the game.

System Shock (1)

The game comes complete in a big cardboard box and contains all the relevant documentation with everything in mint condition. The floppy disc version does appear on ebay regularly and tends to go for around £30 for one in a decent condition. The enhanced CD version does not appear that often and when it does it tends to be on ebay in America. Prices for the CD version range from £80 to £140 depending on condition and whether or not it is complete.

System Shock (2)

However I have yet to see a CD version anywhere that as in as good as condition as the one I have picked up, which makes this a real find.  I bough this from a charity shop a couple of years ago for just £1, to ease my guilt somewhat I did make a donation in the collection tin before I left.

System Shock (3)

BBC Micro User – Issue 1

Posted in Acorn Atom, Books & Magazines on December 3, 2012 by drewturpin

This is the very first edition of  BBC Micro User magazine which was first published in March 1983 (although officially it was Volume 1 No. 1). This name only stuck for the first three issues before being re-titled The Micro User, and ran for an impressive 115 issues (Volume 10 No. 7).BBC Micro User

I picked up this copy, along with many more issues of the magazine, when I bought a BBC Micro B a few years back. I have not seen a copy for sale on ebay, so would not be able to provide an accurate price. If you are lucky enough to find one of these magazines then do check the overall state of it (e.g. missing pages, rips, tears, writing etc).